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Our day-to-day actions, provides the foundation of what we want CrossFit Lake Stevens to stand for:

  • Commitment: We commit ourselves to the pursuit of fitness for individuals on any level. We are committed to having a better understanding of the priorities, goals and passions of our clients. Through this understanding we strive to constantly create services and offerings to support the personal growth of our members.
  • Balance: We believe that fitness happens on many levels. We strive for a community that supports and fosters physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.
  • Integrity: We strive to make the conscious choice to follow through and do the “right” thing every day and in every decision.
  • Perseverance: We are dedicated to achieving the goals of our members. Our success depends entirely on helping our members work towards achieving their goals.
  • Growth: We strive to constantly expand our knowledge base and educate our members with the knowledge we acquire. Our community places their trust in us, and we will invest our time and energy to ensure that trust is repaid with the best instruction, guidance and knowledge we can acquire.


CrossFit Lake Stevens is more than just a gym, it’s a community of individuals – owner, coaches, athletes, and families – that share a common set of values about fitness and health. We are passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves, welcoming athletes from every walk of life and experience level, and we’re committed to helping members find the right program and fit for them – even if that might not be with us.

Our programming may seem random to the athlete and that’s a good thing! But the fact is that CrossFit workouts are in reality anything but random. Great CrossFit coaches make sure everything is well thought out weeks or sometimes months ahead of time. CrossFit workouts need to account for many different domains. The “unknown and unknowable” is one of CrossFit’s key concepts.

The programmer should know everything being thrown at an athlete and why. If you are constantly crushing people that is not good for the body and can most likely lead to an injury. At CrossFit Lake Stevens we know exactly what you need because we’ve lived it, studied it, tested it, put it into practice and take our jobs seriously so can feel confident about putting your trust in us.


To support your journey at CrossFit Lake Stevens we have assembled the best coaching staff there is. You will find caring, passionate, approachable individuals that will help you reach your fitness goals. Coaching is about more than just taking you through the motions, a good coach is highly skilled at technique, the ability to give cues, programming, motivation, and able to handle any situation. A great coach can take all those things and motivate an athlete to become the highest expression of their strength, power, performance and health. You’ll find engaged, educated, and experienced coaches no matter what program or class type you try.

Our coaches are not simply good, they are great, and they create great athletes.

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Jay Roughton



Lake Stevens Premier CrossFit Gym


CrossFit Lake Stevens is a world class training facility that is home to the best community in Lake Stevens, Washington. Our facility is state-of-the-art, but not in the way of your typical big-box gyms. We don’t have ellipticals and treadmills. We use your body and real weights to create free, natural movement. The tools we use mimic functional movement which in turn help contribute to your overall health and a lean, conditioned body. We train like athletes and we use premier CrossFit equipment that is used by the best athletes in the world. We welcome you to take a look around our box and our equipment – you won’t see full length mirrors but you’ll see results in your own mirror and in the fit of your clothes when you make the move to functional fitness.

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