7 comments on “July 18, 2012

  1. Over 2 and a half minute PR on my singles today. I didn’t say anything in class because I was afraid I counted wrong or something but I did it again when I got home with my ghetto rope in my garage and got a similar time. Whew. I’ve been watching a lot of Buddy Lee videos online to help with my summer goal of getting my Double Unders…they said to get faster at singles first…I’ve figured that out but those crazy Double Unders keep kicking my bootay! ARG!

  2. I was bummed to miss the double unders! One of my goals is to do 200 DU in 4 minutes or less. Jay, I hope we do these again in August sometime!

  3. Great job Jaquie! I’m going to start watching those Buddy Lee videos :) I got 3rds +175 meters with 95# squat cleans – I’m kicking myself for not pushing myself harder for a complete 4rds! Ugh!

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